Quality Standards


our expectations as a customer have changed more in the last 3 to 5 years than in the last 30. We meet this challenge using the power of technology to create revolutionary beauty experiences. The way you discover, test and buy beauty products and brands is ever changing. You expect an enriched experience - enhanced services, customization and personalization.

We’re a digital first company. That enables us to reshape our relationships with you through dynamic, Beauty Tech innovations. Whether it’s online consultations, speed in bringing new products to market, or a purchase through voice technology, our aim is to create a fully integrated physical and digital experience, based on your expectations.

You expect the same high level of service whether shopping online or in-store. Our response? Only the best beauty services can earn your trust. We use the power of technology to deliver authentic, creative solutions tailored to individuals. Personalization is in everything we do, from recommendations to skin care or makeup products, transforming your beauty experience.


This quest starts by using the highest-quality ingredients from carefully-selected suppliers, and continues with our Research & Innovation and manufacturing processes. It also means creating products and services that are as effective as they are safe. In all our laboratories, plants and subsidiaries, our teams comply with internal norms that go far beyond current external regulations. Those efforts underpin the trust that our consumers have in our brands.

We aim to keep strengthening that relationship by informing people about our products and services and by listening to them when they talk about their aspirations for Beauty. In an increasingly digital world, that conversation involves harnessing the power of technology. Sylviya is a world leader in using innovation to create unique beauty experiences, while also building the online presence of our brands.